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Any additional Pontins information and/or photos are most welcome!

Thanks to Andrew Crates, Matt Crawford, Nick Parton & Nigel Jurgens for their invaluable help in compiling this list

Please follow the links contained in the text for additional information and images. Lots more info and photos can be seen in our 1972 Pontins Brochure

Camps still owned by Pontins

Brean Sands, Somerset.

Originally a pre-war holiday camp this was Fred Pontin's first site and was acquired from the Dean family back in 1946. Originally had a capacity for only 200 guests but this has since been increased to over 1,200.

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Camber Sands, East Sussex.

Purpose built in 1968 it's a large self-catering camp with nearly 800 chalets. Probably boasts the best beach out of all the Pontins camps.

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Pakefield, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Acquired in 1958 this full-board camp was mainly rebuilt throughout the 1960s although parts of the original camp still survive. Has nearly 500 chalets.

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Prestatyn Sands, Clwyd.

A large self-catering camp able to accomodate 3,500 people. Built new in 1971 and featured in the movie 'Holiday on the Buses'.

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Southport, Merseyside.

Another large camp which was built new in 1969 at a cost of £2.5 million. Has around 700 self-catering chalets arranged in an unusual circular pattern.

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Pontin camps now sold or closed

(all photos from 1972 brochure unless otherwise stated)

Barton Hall, Torquay, Devon

Acquired by Fred Pontin in the late 1950s for £60,000 but not transferred to Pontins Ltd until the early 1960s. Was the 'jewel in the crown' and offered full-board accommodation in either the country manor house or a chalet within the 48 acre grounds. Boasted the first dry ski slope in the country. In later years it catered for adults only. Sold in 1999 it's still in existence but now run as a children's activity centre.

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 Barton Hall 

Bay View, Brixham, Devon

A small self-catering camp located directly across the road from Wall Park (another Pontins camp). Chalets were a mixture of one and two storey buildings. As the camp offered minimal facilities guests were allowed to cross the street and use those at Wall Park. Now closed and land used for housing development.

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 Bay View 

Blackpool, Lancashire

Formerly named 'Squires Gate' this was an old established holiday camp before being acquired in 1961. Rebuilt throughout the 1960s it was until recently one of the largest Pontin centres and offered full-board accommodation with over 800 chalets. It was closed on 2 October 2009 as a result of falling visitor numbers and planning permission has now been granted for 275 homes on the site.

Image (right) from 1974 brochure.

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Bracklesham Bay, Nr Chichester, Sussex

One of the original full-board Pontin camps which opened in 1947. Another camp in Bracklesham Bay (see South Downs below) was purchased in 1984 and the old camp was then sold/closed at the end of 1985. Presumably now demolished???

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 Bracklesham Bay 

Broadreeds, Selsey, Sussex

A full-board camp which was acquired from the Simmons family in 1962. Most of the main buildings and facilities had a Spanish theme. Sold end of 1988 and later demolished. Land now used for housing.

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Buckleigh Place, Westward Ho!, Devon

A small 6 acre camp able to accommodate 75 guests. Consisted of an 18th century manor house with chalets in the grounds. It was acquired by Pontins in 1947 and sold in 1963. It remained a holiday centre until the 1972 when it was sold to property developers and turned into a housing estate. Postcard (right) from the 1950s.

Click here to see our pages on Buckleigh Place post Pontins.

 Buckleigh Place 

Dolphin Holiday Village, Brixham, Devon

A delightful full-board camp located high on the clifftop near Brixham. First opened in 1938 and used by Canadian servicemen during the war. Purchased by Pontins in the early 1960s and extensively rebuilt. Suffered a major fire in early 1991 and was not rebuilt. Lay closed and derelict for several years before being cleared to make way for housing. Click here to visit a website devoted to the Dolphin camp.

Click here to visit our Dolphin page showing a selection of postcards, the camp remains in 2003 aswell as the redevelopment taking place in 2007.

 Dolphin Holiday Village 

Hemsby, Norfolk.

This self-catering camp was acquired in 1971 and soon rebuilt. A medium sized site with around 500 chalets. It was closed on 5 January 2009 and looks as though it could become a Viking themed visitor attraction, according to this news story.

Click here to view a Hemsby PostcardClick here to see an entertainment guide cover from 1990 & click here to see a map of the camp at Hemsby.

Image (right) from 1977 brochure.


Homelea Holiday Camp, Brixham, Devon

Situated adjacent to the St Mary's Bay camp. The two were merged in the early 70s and the Homelea name was dropped

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 Homelea Holiday Camp 

Jersey Holiday Village, Portelet Bay, Jersey

This was the last site to be acquired by Pontins (in 1994) although the camp had been in existence since 1925 and was apparently occupied by the Nazis during the war. It had a very short life under Pontins as it was closed at the end of 2000. Both of the ex-Pontins camps in Jersey are now abandoned and slowly falling into disrepair. Click here to visit a website containing more info on the Jersey camps including some recent photos.

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Little Canada, Wooton, Isle of Wight

A full board holiday village set in 36 acres with log cabin chalets, hence the 'Canadian' feel. This was another private purchase by Fred Pontin but was later sold to Pontins Ltd in the early 1960s. Had around 250 chalets and was closed in 1994 and later sold. It's now a children's activity centre run by the same company that owns Barton Hall and Osmington.

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 Little Canada 

Middleton Tower, Heysham, Lancashire.

First opened in 1939 it was acquired by Pontins in 1964. Covering 60 acres with over 900 chalets it could accommodate 3000 people on a full-board basis and became the largest camp in the Pontins empire. The main camp theatre could accommodate 2000 people. Closed in 1993 the site was sold and currently lays empty and derelict.

Click here to see our Middleton Tower page which includes a postcard, some photos of the camp laying derelict in 2002 and a complete 1955 entertainment guide

 Middleton Tower 

Osmington Bay, Weymouth, Dorset

Formerly a pre-war camp this was this second Pontins site to be acquired (in 1946) and offered full-board facilities. The camp was closed for the 1993 season but did re-open for 1994. Covered 44 acres with 500 chalets. Was sold in 1999 and is now a children's activity centre run by the same company as Barton Hall.

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 Osmington Bay 

Plemont Bay, Jersey.

This was the first of two holiday villages owned by Pontins in Jersey and was acquired in 1961 for £375,000. Billy Butlin had some involvement here after his retirement. Was a full-board camp which underwent a major rebuild throughout the 1960s. Closed at the end of 2000 and now lying abandoned and out of use.

Click here to view Plemont Bay Postcards.

Click here to visit a website with some recent pictures of the camp after closure.

 Plemont Bay 

Riviera Chalet Hotel, Weymouth, Dorset

Unique hotel built in a Spanish style in the 1940s and acquired by Pontins in the late 1950s. This full-board location dominated the hillside above Bowleaze Cove and in later years was reserved for adults only. Was fairly small and could only accommodate 300 people. The building is now Grade II listed and is still open today but no longer owned by Pontins who sold it in 1999.

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 Riviera Chalet Hotel 

Sand Bay, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon.

A full-board camp acquired in 1947. Covered 17 acres with 300 chalets and boasted "one of the West Country's finest ballrooms". In later years it was reserved for adults only. Sold in 1999 it's still open today.

Click here to view Sand Bay Postcards.

 Sand Bay 

Sands Hotel, Prestatyn, Clwyd

Acquired by Pontins in the late 60s/early 70s it was formerly known as the Grand Hotel but re-named in the early 90s. Sold in 1999 and presumably still open today.

 Sands Hotel 

Seacroft, Hemsby, Norfolk.

A delightful full-board camp which opened way back in 1920. Formerly owned by the Bishop family and sold to Pontins in the 1970s. It was close to the other Pontins self-catering camp, which closed in 2009. In later years it was reserved for adults only. Had around 300 chalets and was sold in 1997 but is still open today.

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Click here to see a couple of pre-Pontins adverts from the 60s (use the back button to return to this page)

Image (right) from 1974 brochure.


South Devon, Paignton, Devon

An early pre-war camp which was transformed into a POW camp during the second world war. Bought by Pontins in 1947 and later rebuilt and enlarged to accommodate 900 campers. It was managed for several years by Len Pontin, Fred's brother. Closed end of 1988 and later demolished. Land now occupied by a housing estate.

Click here to see a selection of South Devon Holiday Camp postcards, including some dating from before the Pontins era.

 South Devon 

South Downs, Bracklesham Bay, Nr Chichester

Purchased in 1984 from previous owner Godfrey Davis it consisted of a manor house with chalets in the grounds. Could accommodate 500 people and in its later years catered for adults only. Sold in 1999 and still open today. Advert (right) from 1979.

Click here to view a photo of the South Downs Holiday Centre Reception

 South Downs 

St Mary's Bay, Brixham, Devon

Formerly a camping/caravan site and acquired in 1961. Located on the cliff top near Brixham it was a totally self catering camp with 189 chalets. Merged with the adjoining Pontins Homelea camp in the early 1970s. Sold at the end of 1995 and still open today but recently renamed Riviera Bay Holiday Centre.

Click here to view St. Mary's Bay Postcards. & Click here to see recent photos taken in 2003 & 2007

 St Mary's Bay 

Torbay Chalet Hotel, Paignton, Devon.

Torbay Chalet was set in 15 acres of grounds and was able to accommodate 500 guests. Acquired by Pontins in 1984 from previous owner Godfrey Davis but closed at the end of 1995. Now demolished and occupied by housing. Photo (right) from 1979.

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Click here to see a pre-Pontins advert from the 60s (use the back button to return to this page)

 Torbay Chalet Hotel 

Tower Beach, Prestatyn, North Wales

Built as a joint venture between the LMS Railway and Thomas Cook in 1939 and famous for its wonderful architecture. Considered one of the best holiday camps in Wales and able to accommodate over 1700 people on its 41 acres. Sold to Pontins in the late 1970s but closed in 1984 although most of the buildings were not demolished until 2001. The land was sold for a reputed £5 million and is now a housing estate known as Tower Gardens. Photo (right) from the 1960s.

Click here to see a pre-Pontins advert from the 60s (use the back button to return to this page)

 Tower Beach 

Trabolgan, Nr Cork, Ireland

A large modern holiday village in southern Ireland looking rather like Butlins. First acquired by Fred Pontin in 1948 it was later sold but bought back again around 1990 by Pontins Ltd. Sold in 2000 but still open under new ownership.

We're looking for photos!

Wall Park, Brixham, Devon.

Acquired in 1961 this camp was the smallest survivor with 350 self-catering chalets. It was removed from the Pontins brand in 2008 and remained open for one season before closing for good in January 2009.

Image (right) from 1977 brochure. One morning, in the mid 1980s, a guest went for an early morning swim in the pool pictured only to find a big crack in the bottom of the pool and all the water gone! A new pool was built shortly after in a different location and the old one was filled in and used as an overflow car park.

Click here to view a Wall Park Postcard

 Wall Park 

Wick Ferry, Christchurch, Dorset

Opened in 1962 (after two previous planning applications refused) it was the first camp to be entirely self-catering with 224 chalets. The main entertainment building was designed to look like a miniature 'Festival Hall'. Closed in 1995 it's now been demolished with a new hotel built where the club house once stood and houses covering the rest of the site.

Click here to view a Wick Ferry Postcard

 Wick Ferry 

Any additional Pontins information and/or photos are most welcome!

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