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The Pontins Dolphin site was a delightful full-board camp located high on the clifftop near Brixham and was one of five Pontin camps in the area. Amenities included a sun lounge, club lounge bar and dancing, outdoor heated pool, cafe, souvenir shop, kids paddling pool, indoor & outdoor play areas and assorted sporting activities. There were over 300 chalets, some being of newer brick construction whilst others were traditional wooden structures.

Pontins Dolphin Camp  Pontins Dolphin Camp  Pontins Dolphin Camp

Unfortunately the camp suffered a major fire in 1991 and was not rebuilt. For a long while it was left sitting derelict and vandalised. The site has recently been cleared to make way for a housing development. Follow the links above to see photos of the camp laying derelict in 2003 and of the redevelopment taking place in 2007.

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