23-12-03, 11:05 AM

The former Pontins site - St. Marys Bay, in brixham is soon to loose its name which its had since before fred pontin bought it in 1961 (well except for the homlea end of the camp )
Seems Landscove Holidays who now own the site have renamed it Riviera Bay,from January. Thats according to a note on their web site:
http://www.stmarysbay.biz and its already named Riviera in the hoseasons brochure for 2004

I was there this year and they never mentioned it. Maybe they knew there would be people like me who would moan.

Not sure what the name change actually adds.

27-12-03, 03:45 PM

I've just got back from St Mary's Bay and I cannot understand the name change either. Sad to see a piece of history be messed around with.
Good to see the camp still going strong though.

22-01-06, 03:06 PM

Further on from my last post. Riviera Bay the ex St Mary's is still going strong now. It's a fantastic camp that combines the feel of the old style holiday place as well as being modern.
Check it out people http://www.rivierabay.biz​