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  • (Recovered from old forum #13751) - Distant Memories

    7-08-17, 06:38 AM

    I haven't been to Butlin's since 1982 (just before they started closing down camps) and remember that it had become rather run-down and tired at that time, but there were still the things that made it great. What made Butlin's great for me was that it was unique and different to other holiday experiences. I loved the art deco architeture (like the Tower Building at Skegness) and the icon fountains by the outdoor swimming pools. I loved the distinctive stripey street lamps which gave the camps a wonderland feel, especially when walking around the camp after dark. And, of course, the monorail and chairlift were fantastic. Because Billy Butlin had started off in the fun fairs, the amusement parks at Butlin's were always spectacular. I know all of that has gone now. Does Butlin's still have a uniqueness which made it so special in the past?

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    23-08-17, 07:49 AM

    It certainly does. More modern as you'd expect, but a lot of the colour and unique heritage is being brought back, and Bourne have recently invested in new funfair rides at Bognor and Minehead (although more are admittedly still needed, and Skegness has not yet had this). Go and take a holiday for heavens sake and see it for yourself (I recommend Minehead most of all)!

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    24-08-17, 06:35 PM

    Andyyyyy!! Great to see you back here again! Please do keep popping back and keep posting. I love your FB page of course but nothing beats this forum. Any chance of you popping back to Minehead in the next couple of years or is that a definite No?

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    25-08-17, 11:50 AM

    Hi Scritti. I would love to, but there are several things which are likely to make that extremely difficult for the foreseeable future I'm afraid.

    You never know for sure though!

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