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  • (Recovered from old forum #13750) - Butlins Camps

    16-08-17, 02:41 PM
    Out of all the Butlins camps which were the best?

    I only went to Pwhelli as a 70s child and a day at Bognor in the 80s, only in the past 8 years been to Skegness never Minehead as yet?

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    16-08-17, 07:13 PM
    Difficult to compare the camps over the years due to so many developments so I will stay with the 1970s as I was aged 8 to 17 and they were probably the best years to be at Butlins - can't remember much of the 1960's as only a child!
    1. Filey - amazing camp and went in 74 and 78 - was 16 then so really enjoyed the camp. Just loved how it was laid out and what was available for a teenager.
    2. Clacton - loved this camp, went in 60's and 70's, in 73 and back to back in 76 and 77. Seemed small in comparison to other camps but I just the entrance and how it was laid out.
    3. Skegness - was last there in 2005 but looked nothing like I remembered. This camp was huge, great chairlift and monorail - I remember this was first time I had seen the monorail - went in 1971 and 1979
    4. Barry Island - went in 1972 so was still young, went back in the 1980. A strange set up, strange looking chalets but I still loved the place.
    5. Minehead - went in 1975 and liked the camp, was quite big and again had the monorail.

    I must say I enjoyed Ayr, got to say that as I am Scottish - went there in the 90s with friends for a few weekends - before the adult weekends took off and was always great fun.


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    18-08-17, 04:59 AM
    As a child, I went to Clacton, Skegness, Minehead, Pwllheli, Ayr and Bognor during the 80s and 90s.

    Pwllheli was definitely our favourite, and this was the one which we returned to for our last Butlins holiday in 1995, before we returned as adults in 2005.

    I used to love the train and chairlifts heading to the beach at Pwllheli, with the pool there being good too.

    Clacton closed when I was very young, so I can't remember it. The chairlifts at Ayr were never running during the week which we spent there, Minehead's Sunsplash pool was very small, having been converted from the original pool rather than built new, Bognor was very small and it was a shame not to see any chairlifts or monorail when we visited.

    I've revisited all the remaining camps a lot over recent years, largely on Big Weekends, and enjoy each camp for different reasons, though am visiting them all less than I did and looking to seeing more of the world, starting with New York in December.

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    09-04-18, 10:31 PM
    Koala Terrace
    Pwllheli was my favourite,don't know if it was the best but we went there year after year and loved it (all aboard smoky joe!). Also been to Minehead, Barry island and Skegness.