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(Recovered from old forum #13782) - A 'Single' Room at Minehead?

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  • (Recovered from old forum #13782) - A 'Single' Room at Minehead?

    29-04-18, 09:21 PM
    Despite my misgivings I am going to Minehead tomorrow. A last minute improved weather forecast was the tipping point. A few of us are going but we always book individually so we all get our own accomodation. I was about to book my usual silver double room when I saw something intriguing, the offer of a 'single' silver room.

    It was £3 cheaper, but I'm positive that there are no single rooms which made it a somewhat bizarre thing to offer. Even the picture claiming to be the 'single room' is just a twin room framed to only show one of the beds. Therefore I had to book it just to see what I get. I supposedly booked the last such room, but there has continued to be 'only 1 left' ever since on the website.

    I do recall in the past when I used to book standard rooms that they offered a 'single' option (they don't any more). This also didn't exist but if you booked it you did run the risk of getting given a twin rather than double room (although it never happened). But aren't all the silver rooms two room units with a double bedroom and twin bedroom? That's certainly what I've always been given despite having booked a 'double room'. Pretty sure that's what I'll get again tomorrow too but we shall find out!
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