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A Redcoat's Sad Lament by Rocky Mason Back

When you and I were growing up we felt the need to stretch our wings;
To become show business or sporting stars: not meant for mundane things.
We wanted that and yearned for it but what were we to do,
There were no jobs around like that - for the likes of me and you.
Where on earth could we find a job that one day possibly might;
Give us the moment that we craved - to be bathed in a stage spotlight.
Where on earth could we find a job and not one of us had a clue,
That would give us the opportunity - to do what we had to do.

Out of somewhere the inspiration came - it suddenly entered my head;
I must do what a lot before me did and become a Butlin Red.
Dave Allen and Tarby became stars and Ted Rogers with 321,
Just following in their footsteps - would be fine by me my son.
Yes, becoming a Red is what I want - but first you must apply,
They are bound to ask some questions and want to know the reason why.
I will sort out all the answers then, with some clever deliberation;
I’ll be confident that I’ve got it right when I send my application.

What sort of things are they looking for? I had to ask the question,
You’ll have to chat with the lonely ones and perhaps the "odd exception"
You’ll have to mix with unruly kids-and the senior citizens too,
Because that is the sort of thing - they'll think a Redcoat has to do.
I swotted hard on everything before I had my interview;
And I'd be prepared to take a bet - that that's what you did too!
You might have guessed I got the job - and they started me at Filey,
I'd become a Butlin Redcoat and would live the life of Riley!

As the weeks passed by I realised that I'd landed a perfect job;
With my uniform and all I could eat and they paid me thirty bob.
As the months rolled by I knew that I was enjoying every minute;
But the secret of a Redcoats life is just to enjoy it - innnit?
All the Reds were just like me with much the same intention,
I'm not talking about the chalet lines - that isn't worth a mention;
Yes, all the Reds were so like me and there for the same reason,
And just like me they kept coming back, season after season.

Filey was so full of love with our Redcoat treasured friends;
And when your life is so fulfilled you just pray it never ends.
We felt so sad on the final-the ultimate Redcoat show,
And shed some tears on au-revoir 'cos we knew it was time to go.
But in this age of the PC world your friends don't ever go far,
We kept in touch knowing that; we'd share another au-revoir.
In 83 we all went back and for the simple common reason,
To meet our mates and all enjoy yet another Butlin season.

That summer was so wonderful, our friendships growing stronger;
How was anyone to know - it wouldn't last much longer.
The final days so quickly came to the very last Redcoat show,
And not a dry eye on the stage - it was again the time to go.
We shed our tears in the name of love and friendships we had to sever,
But we never knew, with our love so true, they'd close the camp forever.

But, one thing's for sure and don't forget - always remember this &
Whatever happens whatever they do - they can't take our memories.
They can flatten the camp and pull it down and level it - and yet!
There's one thing they will never do - and that's make us forget!!

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