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Mark Bedford remembers participating in the National Pentathlete Awards in the 1980's Back

I came across your fantastic web-site sometime ago, and recently looked at it again to see if any new updates were on there. I used to go Butlins when I was a kid in the early to late eighties mostly to Skeggy, but also went to Minehead, Bognor and Pwllheli. To cut a long story short (for now), Butlins used to run along with the CCPR a sporting programme called THE NATIONAL PENTATHLETE AWARD.

I used to love participating in this, and gained my Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. It consisted of 10 sport disciplines, whereby the contestant had to PASS 5 out of the 10. I thought this was the best thing ever, and loved to pit my wits against fellow similar minded kids, in trying to achieve and past each stage.

I have attached my badges of bronze, silver and gold, plus also the PASS or HARD LUCK cards that recorded your events (see below).

I also used to love the Football Coaching at Butlin's whereby ex footballers used to attend at butlins, to give me and the other kids advice etc, and to watch us perform. I may have some pictures somewhere (at my parents house) with some of these players. Obviously this was in the early - mid eighties, Butlins used to attract players from that yesterday era, players like Gordon Banks, Jimmy & Brian Greenoff (ex Man Utd from the 70's). I used to love going to play football, and then rushing back to the Windsor Sports centre (at Skeggy) taking part in the next Pentathlete event, using the camp's Chairlift!

I do think nowadays having a daughter of mine, how much freedom as kids we used to have at Butlins in a safe and friendly environment. Nowadays, this is not practical as the world has changed and kids are just not safe anymore or from anyone.

Anyway, sorry to go on, as you can see I'm very passionate about my experiences, and I'm sorry to not see this award scheme at Butlins anymore (not sure when this was dropped?). Again in this day and age, with the Government predicting high children obesity now and in the future, why don't we campaign to BRING BACK the Butlins NATIONAL PENTATHLETE AWARD SCHEME!!!???

Mark Bedford
Aged 34 1/2!!!!!
Butlins 913 Club Member

Mark's Pentathlete Awards

Mark's Pass or Hard Luck Card

Mark's Pass or Hard Luck Card

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