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Joan Hartwell's poem about the Glamorous Grandmother Competition Back

Joan Hartwell wrote this poem in about 1976. It's about Margaret Baker, Norah Flood & herself, all of whom were from the West Midlands. They all entered the Glamorous Grandmother Competition for many years and became firm friends. Thanks to Joan for writing the poem and for Ron Stanway for submitting it.

For 21 years, whether near or far,
We have travelled to Butlin's, to follow a star.
Margaret, I and Norah too,
Young 38 year old novices with never a clue.
Alas! We are almost 60 now, a pensionable age,
And are we daunted by this act,
Of parading on the stage?

Never, never, will we fail,
Our friends and families dear,
By road, rail, fly or sail,
Husbands at the rear with all the gear.

Eyelashes, make-up and padded bra,
What do we need to become a star?
Judges, scrutineers, what do they think?
They have everything there bar the kitchen sink.

Will we all come again Margaret, Norah and I?
And other dear hopefuls, who give it a try.
Barring ills that may come,
With this pensionable age,
We'll be there again next year,
On this wonderful stage.

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