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Brian Dudhill recalls his time working at various camps from 1967 to 1972 Back

Living in Rotherham I normally worked at Filey camp but remember an occasion when we were asked to go to Clacton one Christmas (1968 I think) and of course I jumped at the chance. Although I was a blue coat in charge of the staff dining hall at Filey, I was asked to go on security by the Clacton security chief Harry Mitchell, I nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meet. I enjoyed it so much that the following year I decided to go and work the summer there and worked on security again, part of the season as a gate man and the moved to plain clothes, which for me seemed a great promotion. I really enjoyed my time and shared a chalet with Chas, the lad who was murdered, but he was murdered after I left. I remember him as having a deep gruff type voice and he used to fill his shoes with talcum powder, that was something new to me, but I've done it since ha! He had a pink denim shirt and as we shared each other's clothes I used to wear this shirt more than him, his clothes were better than mine and now, whenever I see pink denim shirts I always think of Chas. I also remember many of the staff there with fondness and also regret some mistakes I made, I am in contact with a few of my Butlin's friends but would dearly love to hear from more. It was a very happy time of my life. My biggest regret was that I used to do a little thing like Morcambe and Wise did when he put his hands on Ernie's shoulder then slapped his cheeks, and I remember doing it to a Scottish girl in the dining room and she cried, I suppose it came as a shock to her and I've felt guilty for the last 45 years over it. I have some nice memories and I've got some nice photos of my time at Filey, Clacton, Bognor and Minehead from the period 1967 to 1972.

I think my best memory of security work at Clacton was to pull 3 young lads down who were climbing over the perimeter fence and telling them in a friendly voice to get back in, you've another week of your holiday to do yet. (meant to be a joke).

I'd really love to hear from anyone from those years.


Brian Dudhill

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