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Andrew Buckley remembers Radio Butlin Back

I remember, the year was 1968 (the one when "The Israelites" by Desmond Dekker came out). I don’t know where it was but would have been either Bognor or Clacton, Radio Butlin was a glassed covered room in one of the coffee bars at the entrance end and as a lad of 10, I was amazed at the "huge" grey control desk, the microphones, record decks and all the paraphernalia that was Radio Butlin. It all looked so complicated.

As I drank my "Pepsi" I would stare keenly into the room, where usually a couple of redcoats were and wonder how it all worked. I longed for some announcement so that I could see them in action, press the "Ding Dong" button and say into the microphone.

I must’ve been noticed because one day, I was invited in. I stepped into the room and my eyes were everywhere. It was all explained to me and I was actually allowed to press the "Ding Dong" button myself!! I can’t remember the announcement though – I wasn’t really listening!! Great days.

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