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Dedicated to all Those Ex Redcoats who Worked at Pwllheli, by Ron Stanway Back

The idea came from the Scottish song "These are my Mountains"
The words below adapted for Wales

For these are my mountains, this is my Llyn,
Home, for some of my youth, where do I begin.
The views from my chalet, Harlech and Snowdon, across the bay.
The male voice choir from Portmadoc, no longer like it was, in my younger day.

Wigan, Oldham, Macclesfield too, The Wakes weeks were known for their hullabaloo.
Punch-up's and noise and some were chucked out,
Even outside the gate, their town they would shout.. – W.I.G.A.N. they would holler, the security men had them by the collar!

Redcoats united who worked at Pwllheli, remember with affection their time in this land.
Music by Joe Daniels, Val Merrall and Ivy Benson with her all girls band.
Many young Redcoats came to seek their fame, the stage or TV their ultimate aim.
Johnny Ball played three seasons, Bill Stewart just one,
Johnny went on to do 'Think of a Number', Bill Stewart, '15 to 1'.
Jimmy Tarbuck and Clinton Ford became household names,
Jimmy's still performing but sadly, Clinton's passed on.

Did I win the Inter-House Cup, NO, what a pain!
The bridge over the railway - wonder who's on duty for Saturday's early train?
Sixteen hour days, we worked hard and played hard and tried to stay awake,
But, all the time it was 'Mix and mingle', 'be happy', all for the campers sake.

"We'll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside" The Welsh folk sang,
At the Friday Au Revoir the rafters rang.
The Redcoats marched out – the 'thin Red line',
The campers roared and cheered, They had, had, a jolly good time.

Friday night the time for goodbyes, girls in tears, holding hands with their boys.
Tomorrow their homeward journey begins, In love for a week, it's come to an end.
You could hear that impassioned plea, "you will write to me and a photo you could send"
But out of sight out of mind, Soon back home to those left behind.

So, this land that we called home for just a few weeks,
The mountains and lakes, and quarries of slate.
So many year's ago now but those memories we treasure,
It's time you came back to this land of song, We've been away, far too long.

'Cos, these are your mountains and this is your Llyn,
Fond memories of Wales, let's go back again.

As Max Boyce, that well known Welsh entertainer of the 50's & 60's, would say –

Croeso y Gymri.

Ron Stanway (Redcoat 58/59. Asst E.M. 60/62. E.M. 67 to 70)
December 2009.

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