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Frankie & Wendy Bull remember Maurice Fogel Back

I've just looked at the old comic picture bits (see here). Wendy and I laughed when we saw Maurice Fogel. He was a real cad (in the nicest sense of the word.)

One night, in 1965, he nearly hung himself in the Empire Theatre, Pwllheli, when his trick backfired on him and on another occasion he nearly got lynched in the Blinking Owl Bar for trying to eat a camper alive. The corny joke went a bit too far and a large number of 'well-primed' campers chased him out of the back door, hell bent on causing him some sort of injury. Some of us saw the funny side of it, but poor old Maurice was a bit frightened. He didn't try the same stunt again.

He was certainly one of the entertainers we got to know during our time. Lovely man too. I believe Maurice died in his home town of Golders Green.

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