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Pwllheli Over the Years Back

Any additional information/corrections will be most welcome

Building Name Original features Changes up to 1989 Changes during the 89/90 Starcoast World rebuild Changes during the 98/99 Haven rebuild Changes since 1999
(built 1940s)
York Dining Hall, Pig & Whistle Bar and TV Theatre Dining Hall became a restaurant. Supermarket also added Name changed to Royal Harlech Dining Room Still there. Now transformed into the Afon Gardens Restaurant Still Afon Gardens Restaurant
(built 1940s)
Also known as the Rock Building
French Bar, Coffee Bar and Viennese Ballroom Viennese Ballroom became the Rock n' Twist Ballroom. French Ballroom, take-away food court and bingo hall added. Transformed into Broadway Family Showbar with amusement arcade and photo shop Demolished. Land now used for car parking Still a car park
(built 1940s)
Reception, newsagents, post office, coffee bar and gift shop No major changes No major changes Remained as reception with an "everydays" shop next door Reception rebranded as "Owners exlusive holiday homes sales" and everydays rebranded as "essentials"
(built 1940s)
Also known as the Grosvenor Building
Gloucester Dining Halls, games room, Lobster Pot restaurant and coffee bar Fish & Chip shop, cafeteria and shopping centre added Transformed into Starbowl Club. Also launderette, convenience store and Fast Eddie's restaurant. Demolished. Land used for caravans Still caravans
(built 1940s)
Viennese Bar, photo shop and hairdressers Spanish Bar replaced the Viennese Bar Transformed into Sundowners Family Bar and beauty salon Demolished. Land used for caravans Still caravans
(built 1940s)
Coronation Bar, church, Princes Theatre, cycle shop and billiards room No major changes Building taken out of public use Demolished. Land used for car parking Land now used for caravans
(built 1940s)
Kent Dining Hall and Quiet Lounge Transformed into Amusement Centre with snooker, billiards, table tennis, darts and amusement arcade Taken out of public use and used for storage purposes Remained as a store room Building now demolished
(built 1940s)
Montgomery Ballroom, billiards room, coffee bar, TV theatre, Regency Bar, games room, children's theatre and ice cream bar. Children's Theatre removed Transformed into the Stardust Complex including Little Darlin's Family Bar and Rendezvous Club Demolished. Land used for an all weather sports court All weather sports court still there
(built 1940s)
Windsor Dining Hall and Bar, Silver Grill Restaurant, games room and Quiet Lounge Gloucester Restaurant replaced Silver Grill Restaurant Transformed into the new Windsor & Premier Dining Halls Still there. Now the Bonga Wonga Beach Club, Tal-y-Llyn Restaurant, Fun Palace Soft Play and Lakeside Inn No major changes
Empire Theatre
(built 1940s)
Theatre Later changed into the children's theatre Transformed into Bingo Hall and Odeon Cinema Demolished. Site now used for caravan sales Still caravan sales
Amusement Arcade
(built 1940s)
Amusement Arcade and betting shop Betting Shop transformed into shopping centre No major changes Still there. Now gift shop, photo shop and ATR Club No major changes
(built 1940s)
Launderette No major changes Transformed into amusement arcade Rebranded as "Crackerjacks" Building now demolished
Hire Shop
(built 1940s)
Hire Shop No major changes No major changes No major changes Demolished to make way for new main entrance
Outdoor Pool
(built 1940s)
Heated outdoor swimming pool Converted to a funpool in 1982 No major changes No major changes Last used around 2001, subsequently filled in and land now used for caravans
Outdoor Roller Rink
(built 1940s)
Outdoor skating rink Roof fitted to make a covered rink Demolished. New leisure club, medical centre & launderette added in its place No major changes Building now contains "Everydays", gym, hire shop & launderette
Boating Lake
(built 1940s)
Large boating lake with islands No major changes No major changes Still in use, but only at peak times (for an extra charge) Still there
Rock Gardens
(built 1940s)
Large ornamental rock garden No major changes No major changes Still there Still there
Riding Stables
(opened 1940s)
Riding stables (buildings existed before camp was built) No major changes Closed down Buildings still there but now used for storage only Still there and used for storage
Amusement Park Building
(built 1950s)
Indoor funfair rides No major changes No major changes Demolished. Land used for caravans Still caravans
(built 1963)
Gaiety Theatre & Ballroom, amusement arcade, TV lounges, billiards room, table tennis, bars, cafe and various shops Original building burned down in 1973. Replaced with new (smaller) Gaiety Theatre shortly after Transformed into Stars Cabaret Bar & Pizza Prima Restaurant. Building enlarged at some point Transformed into Caesars Cabaret Bar, Harry Ramsden's Restaurant & Mega Treats Harry Ramsden's now Burger King, Caesars Cabaret Bar now rebranded "Showbar", Mega Treats still there
Indoor Pool
(built 1950s)
Heated indoor swimming pool No major changes Pool closed but building still used for leisure club & check in Demolished & land grassed over Still grass area
Miniature Railway
(built 1953)
Train ride to the beach New train added in 1978 No major changes but eventually closed in 1996 Route of track now footpath to the beach. Disused platforms remain at either end Still a footpath
(built 1960)
Chairlift ride to beach No major changes No major changes Demolished n/a
Blue Camp Chalets (formerly known as East Camp) Chalets Various rebuilding programmes Rebuilt into Harlech Village apartments. Around half demolished with rest rebuilt into Afon Village apartments Several more rows of chalets now demolished to make room for touring caravans
Green Camp
(formerly known as West Camp)
Chalets Various rebuilding programmes Demolished. Now used for caravans Area still used for caravans Still caravans
Yellow Camp
(formerly known as Middle Camp)
Chalets Various rebuilding programmes Rebuilt into Conwy Park Apartments Demolished. Now used for caravans Still caravans
Red Camp
(formerly known as South Camp)
Chalets Various rebuilding programmes including new row of self catering Flatlets added late 60s/early 70s Approx 40% of camp demolished and land used for new Bardsey Village apartments. Remainder refurbished and renamed Cambrian View All chalets demolished except for newer Bardsey Village complex. Each block now named seperately. Remainder of space used for caravans Chalets still remain, more caravans added over the years
Infants Building
(Original built 1940s. Replaced by new building 1964)
Infants feeding, creche and playroom Quiet Lounge & billiards rooms added Transformed into Hustlers Games Room, Snooker Club and convenience store Demolished. Land now used for car parking Still a car park
(built 1990)
Indoor water complex N/A Built new in 1990 on site of old Gaiety Green Still there. Now known as Indoor Splash Zone No major changes
Food Court
(built 1990)
Various different restaurants N/A Built new in 1990 on site of old Gaiety Building Rebranded as "The Boardwalk, music & games bar" Still the Boardwalk

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