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Butlins Songs Back

The following extracted from the unpublished book "Follow the rainbow to Butlin's" by Paul Wray and Rocky Mason
Used with permission

Reproduced below are the words to many of the Butlin songs, how many of you remember singing along with these??????.


Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-Ho
Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-Ho
When things are looking gloomy
And skies are dull and grey
Remember that the sun will come and shine another day
So open up your faces wide
And let me hear you say
Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-Ho

Butlin Buddies

Leave your shop and factory
Leave your office and your home
Come and spend a holiday beside the briny foam
Come on all you scholars, come and put away your studies
Come and join the happy band that's known as Butlin Buddies

Hi-yah fellas, we are Butlin's buddies
Now that summer's come again and life is gay
What shall we do with a face that's long
We'll teach it the words of the Butlin song
With a hip-hip-hip-pip hooray
Yes we have joined the happy band of Butlin Buddies
And we're all together on our holiday
Other folks have other ways of digging in the sand
It's being Butlin Buddies beats the band

Good Morning campers

Roll out of bed in the morning
With a great big smile and a good, good morning
Wake up with a grin
There's a new day a-tumbling in
Wake with the sun and the rooster
Cock-a-doodle-do like the rooster, useta
You'll find it worth while
If you roll out of bed with a smile

Do your singing in the chalet
As you start this happy day
While you're singing in the chalet
Think of all the fun you'll get the Butlin way

Coffee and rolls with your honey
Turns a gloomy day to a day that's sunny
You'll find it worth while
If you roll out of bed with a smile

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

Some come from the highland
Some come from the low
Jogging along hearty and strong merrily we go
Swinging thro' the byway, thro' the country lane
Now all together let it go again
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp here we come
Jolly good campers everyone
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp hear the call
Hi-De-Hi, Ho-De-Ho!
We all came down to Butlin's, Butlin's by the sea
Now we're all as happy, as happy as can be
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, hear the call
Hi-De-Hi, Ho-De-Ho!

Butlin's waltz

All good things come to an end they say
This we know is true
And so before we go our way
There is still one thing to do

It's time to dance the Butlin waltz
It's time to say good-night
It's time for sweet and pleasant dreams
Until the morning light
So go to bed each sleepy head
And as we dream we'll say
Thank you Mr. Butlin for a very happy day

Now we're at Butlin's

We're going to spend a holiday
We've worked and saved all year
We've put our worries on the shelf
We haven't got a care
We caught a train an early one
To........ by the sea
And now we're here at Butlin's
That's the place for you and me
Now we're at Butlins's
Jolly old Butlin's
That's the place to make you gay
Where you're happy ev'ry day
Yes here at Butlin's
Jolly old Butlin's
Is ev'rybody happy hear us roar
YES! Forget your little worries
While you're basking in the sun
And when the sun has gone to bed
There is always lots of fun
While you're at Butlin's
Jolly old Butlin's
That's the holiday that's well worth waiting for
Ta-ra-ra B-U-T-L-I-N-S
And we know we'll soon be back again for more
Ta-ra-ra B-U-T-L-I-N-S
Butlin's for ever more

A holiday at Butlin's

Well, here we are
From near and far
A holiday at Butlin's
We swim and dance
And find romance
A holiday at Butlin's
The friendships made will never fade
A holiday at Butlin's
We'll meet again
We all know when
Next holiday at Butlin's
We'll sing this song
You can't go wrong
A holiday at Butlin's
To lose the blues
Just spread the news
A holiday at Butlin's

Goodnight Campers

Good-night campers, I can see you yawning
Good-night campers, see you in the morning
You must cheer up or you'll soon be dead
For I've heard it said
Folks die in bed
So we'll say good-night campers don't sleep in your braces
Good-night campers, put your teeth in Jeyes'
Drown your sorrow, bring the bottle back tomorrow
Good-night campers, Goodnight

The following songs kindly submitted by Ron Stanway - General Manager, Entertainment & Promotions for the Butlin Group 1974 to 1990 and Competition Producer 1968 to 1990

To the tune of Bye Bye Blackbird...

One day feeling rather blue, forgot to read the detail through,
Bye Bye Butlin's

Binge in chalet number three, knock on door, security,
Bye Bye Butlin's

Met a girl and thought that I would stroll her, found out she was the wife of the Camp Controller, so, pack my bag and light the light I'll be home late tonight,
Butlin's Bye Bye

1955 "Who's Who" Song

Oh, it's great to be here for a holiday, everyday is a jolly day down here,
Doesn't matter how long you have come to stay we will try to make your grey skies disappear.
So lets be all good pals us boys and gals and try to make it fun, everyone of us your friends we want to be.
There's lots of things to do and sights to view so come on everyone, simply lock your little chalet up and don't forget the key.

(Clap hands once on up. Right foot forward with knee bent and right hand forward on don't forget the key.)

Butlin's in Africa... A new Camp?

Oh, oh, far away in Africa; Butlin's out in Africa, they sit all day and play at Bingo it is the only game they know.
The food there is good but, they only eat coconut and each time it's Irish Stew, it might be someone you knew, oh, oh...

Penny on the Drum

Will you please put a penny on the drum, (Boom Boom)
Will you please put a penny on the drum, (Boom Boom)
We only want a tanner to buy a new pianner, so please put a penny on the drum.
Come and join us, come and join us, come and join our happy throng, come and join us, come and join us, come and sing our happy song.

The following song kidly submitted by Leslie Melville

Leslie tells us,"It was sung at Clacton in 1939 (I was there!) and included in Billy Thorburn's Parlophone recording of 'Butlin's Holiday Camp Songs' (I used to have them!)".

The 'One, Two, Three, Four Song'

One, Two, Three, Four
Who are we for?
B.U.T.L.I.N.S – It's Butlins!
Two, Four, Six, Eight.
Who do we appreciate?
B.U.T.L.I.N.S. - It's Butlins!

You've heard our songs of Hi-de-Hi!
And, 'Penny on the Drum'.
We've made you laugh
we've made you sing
and you've had lote of fun!...So

One, Two, Three, Four,
who are we for?
(Rall) B-U-T-L-I-N-S
It's Butlins!

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