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Dale Lockwood Remembers Family Holidays in the 90's Back

"I always remember Butlins when I was a kid with my parents and brother and grandparents. It always seemed a magical sort of place with the monorail. The old swiming pool with the 3 flumes red being the black hole, yellow - just normal and blue - a fast one. I remeber the old ballroom at night, where thay used to have these big comfy chairs, and in those days you could see the camp out of the windows at night, the old outdoor pool and stuff.

When I was really young I used to like the train ride at the funfair, I always used to run to get the purple one for some reason. I have loads of good memories - they were the best holidays I ever had. I just wish that Minehead and Skegness were stil the same as they used to be, and not demolished a lot of the old buildings. And the monorail should still be there. That was one of the best things there.

I also remeber the old snooker room, it was massive and it was free. We used to go up the stairs and there was a load of tables and a little arcade and a little track with them motorbikes on where you put 20p in, you sat on them and there was a little peddle to accelerate. I always remeber looking out of the massive windows to see the camp.

I remember Skegness had 2 diffrent sides and used to have a subway leading to Roman Village, I think it was called, where there were loads of chalets, a playing field, a shop and another ballroom, where we used to collect the keys from.

I've got so many memories, to many to mention, and all of them good. There even used to be a channel on the tvs which had all the entertainment that was on that week. I was never bothered about going abroad, I always loved going to Butlins. There was so much to do.

I think Minehead had 2 pools, one big one and one that was more chilled out - I used to prefer the quieter one. I never went on the massive flumes - I was too scared - they were massive.

I used to even love having the meals there in the massive resturant, at breakfast and tea, I can always remember the smell of the food cooking - it was dead nice. Everything just seemed magical and special, we never wanted to leave and always wanted to come back. The time used to go so fast there.

Thanks for all the good memories. The Lockwood family from Wolverhampton. We still have loads of pictures from both Skeggy and Minehead."

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