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Redcoat Photo 1966

Thanks to Peter Roberts for supplying this scan. Peter is the Entertainments Manager in the centre of this photo and in the hat is Tommy Keele, the children's entertainer. Thanks to John Hunt who was able to identify a number of the faces showwn. If you are able to identify any others then please send an e-mail to contact@butlins-memories.com.

Back row (left to right): Martin Strange, Barry Harman, Paul Harman, Derek Willans, Tony Weston, John Hunt,  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  

Middle row (left to right): Patricia Willans, one of the 'J Twins',  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  , the other of the 'J Twins',  ?  

Front row (left to right):   ?  ,  ?  , Jeannie Morgan, Bill Alison, Peter Roberts, John Abury,  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  

John also told us, "In the summer of 1966, I, and a schoolfriend, Kelvin Hide, were Redcoats at Cliftonville. We were both waiting to take up our places at university. I was lifeguard at the indoor pool at the Queen's Hotel. Kelvin and I played guitar and sang, and opened the Redcoat show each week, as well as all of the other duties required of us. We lived in one of the smaller hotels set aside for staff.

Barry and Paul Harman later gained celebrity as the hapless 'Chuckle Brothers' of children's TV fame. Patricia and Derek Willans were harmony vocalists; Tony Weston was a tenor and the 'J Twins' were a song and dance duo. Several of the girls in the middle row were dancers, but their names I cannot remember."

Redcoat Photo 1966

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