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Filey Memories by Kerry Balcer Back

"I must have been 3yrs old in 1978 on my first trip to Bulins, Filey. Even at that age I have memories of my holiday, a few stick in my mind in particular. I dont know what it is about the place, but to see what it was to what it is now, really makes me realise how time can sometimes change things for the worse not the better."

"My memories include, the fountain, playing in here and loving the water running down from the top and then getting covered in it before it reached the pool, my sisters, as they were older than me, used to swim in the larger pool, I remember walking through the tunnel and waving and laughing at them waving back in the viewing tunnel!"

"I remember there being a plastic frog somwhere on the camp, as I have my photo sat in front of it!!"

"I remember most of all, running off all the time, one time it was to find "Badge Man" the man who used to wander around the camp, I think he had something to do with the entertainment, but he had badges all over him!!"

"Going to the Beachcombers bar, crossing the wide road from a corner in front of it, once inside being fascinated by the surroundings, until it went dark and started thundering and lightening, that was it then, I started crying and covered up my ears, I dont think I believed my parents that is was not real thunder and lightening!"

"I even remember the jouney there from Lancashire, there was my mum, dad, my 2 older sisters and my younger sister, who was one at the time, all of us in the car, packed to the brim! Part of the journey that sticks in my mind is the driving through cliffs, I think these are known in adult terms as rockfaces!!"

"In about 1985 we went on holiday to Primrose Valley and took some photos from the back of the camp by the fences." (see below)

"Even though its not there now, I still have my memories and some photos."

Click the links below to view Kerry's pictures taken from Primrose Valley.

View from Primrose Valley after closure     View from Primrose Valley after closure

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