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Show Jumping at Butlins Back

Information, photos & article kindly submitted by Ron Stanway - General Manager, Entertainment & Promotions for the Butlin Group 1974 to 1990 and Competition Producer 1968 to 1990

Photos show 1972 Showing Jumping at Bognor Regis (top left) and David Broome at Pwllheli in 1973. He is seen with the late Diana Dors, standing next to Robert Butlin and on the other side the late Eamonn Andrews (below right).

1972 Showing Jumping at Bognor Regis Early in 1963, Sir William Butlin met Colonel Sir Michael Ansell C.B.E. purely by chance on a train en-route to Devon. The subject of Show Jumping was discussed and the seeds of a Butlin involvement were sown.

In February 1963 a meeting was arranged at the then London address of the British Show Jumping Association (B.S.J.A.) in Bedford Square. Those present were Colonel Sir Michael Ansell C.B.E; Captain Jack Webber and Mr Raymond Brookes-Ward of the BSJA, Major Reg. Whitehead the well known Course Builder for Western Fence Hire and Mr Ron. Hayter the General Manager of Entertainment for Butlin's Ltd.

David Broome at Pwllheli in 1973. He is seen with the late Diana Dors, standing next to Robert Butlin and on the other side the late Eamonn Andrews.There followed a brief visit to the proposed holiday sites by Messrs. Whitehead and Hayter to determine that (a) the sportsfields were large enough to accommodate a jumping course with sufficient room for spectators and, (b) there had to be adequate parking for the horse boxes, judges box etc.

Suitable dates were selected and the first Butlin Show took place at Pwllheli during the 1963 Whitsun period. Further shows followed that summer at Minehead, Filey, Skegness, Clacton and Mosney in Southern Ireland.

Three events were held during the day at each site - a Novice Event at 11.00am in the morning, the Butlin Championship at 2.30pm and, following a break for tea, the Butlin Have-a-Gamble at 4.15pm.

The latter two events at each show became qualifiers for the six day, Horse of The Year Show at Wembley with the 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each going through. The first night at the H.O.Y.S became known as the Butlin Gala Night and all the proceeds were given to the Army Benevolent Fund. This then became another link in the chain of charities supported by Sir William Butlin.

Butlin's continued to feature a Show Jumping day at five of the above sites, Bognor Regis taking over from Mosney to complete the six and these continued up to and including 1982 when they were discontinued.

The first winners of the 1963 events at Wembley were:-

Butlin Championship Lucky Sam, ridden by David Barker.
Butlin Have-A-Gamble (later called 'Top Score') Bess X, ridden by Miss Elizabeth Broome, later to become Mrs Ted Edgar.

Butlin's, at the time, enjoyed probably the longest sponsorship of any Company in Show Jumping and, to encourage the youngsters too they also sponsored the Pony Club Mounted Games, with qualifying Zone Finals at six of the camps and which, like the Show Jumping, culminated at the HOTYS.

Television coverage of the Wembley week enabled holiday makers who had seen the events whilst on holiday, to witness the outcome - Butlin Championship on Monday evening; Butlin Have-A-Gamble on Wednesday afternoon; Pony Club Mounted Games, every afternoon and evening.

List of past winners

  The Butlin Championship The Butlin Top Score Championship
1963 Lucky Sam D B Barker Bess X Miss E Broome
1964 Goodbye III S Hayes The Sea Hawk H Smith
1965 Odette H van Opel The Sea Hawk H Smith
1966 Harvester VI H Smith North Riding D B Barker
1967 John Glenn A Oliver Charleston J Ballie
1968 All Trumps Miss J Goodwin Pitz Palu A Oliver
1969 Sweep III A Oliver The Brigadier Miss D Backhouse
1970 Sweep III A Oilver Mattie Brown H Smith
1971 = Sportsman D Broome Pennwood Forge Mill P McMahon
Psalm Miss A Moore    
1972 Grebe P Robeson Sonny P Schoclkemohle
1973 = Psalm Miss A Moore Make Do Mrs E Edgar
Sportsman D Broome    
1974 Weiler A Schoclkemohle Warwick A Schoclkemohle
1975 Santa Monika A Schoclkemohle Rex the Robber A Schoclkemohle
1976 Santa Monika A Schoclkemohle Grafitti H Smith
1977 = Pennwood Forge Mill G Glazzard Grafitti H Smith
Heatwave D Broome    
1978 Ryan's Son J Whitaker Little One H Simon
1979 Argonaut J Heins Ramiros Girl F Ligges
1980 Maybe N Skelton Carrols Royal Lion E Macken
1981 Ryan's Son J Whitaker Daphne T Fruhmann
1982 Gladstone H Simon Everest Jet-Lag N Skelton

Thanks to Ron Stanway for supplying these two photos which show Nick Skelton at Minehead in 1982 & David Broome at Pwllheli in 1980

Nick Skelton clearing the planks at Minehead in 1982     David Broome Show Jumping at Pwllheli in 1980

Ayr Show Jumping Programme 1982

Thanks to Ron Stanway for supplying the programme

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Front Cover
Front Cover
Previous Wembley Winners
Previous Wembley Winners
Butlin's Speed Event
Butlin's Speed Event
Butlin Championship
Butlin Championship
Butlin's Twist or Stick Stakes
Butlin's Twist or Stick Stakes
Equestrian Events 1982
Equestrian Events 1982