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Karen Johnson remembers her holidays at Clacton as a child Back

"When I was a child our holiday every year was to the Clacton camp. I remember one year my dad asking us 'do you want to go to Spain this year or Butlins' and the answer was of course from my brothers and myself a very loud 'BUTLINS'!

A few things in particular stick in my mind and will stay in my memories forever.

I remember the last bit of our journey to the camp and recognising the flags that hung out the front and realising we were nearly there. Then you could see the little car ride behind the bushes, the one with the bear and the big rabbit statues standing in it.

I remember the indoor pool very well. We had to go there twice a day sometimes. I remember the leafy decorations hanging from the ceiling and the plastic (I think they were) parrots. As a very small child I thought they were real.

I used to love the big horses that used to stand either side of the stage in the theatre. I remember them being MASSIVE, maybe they wern't, maybe it was just that I was so small. I don't know what it was about those horses that I loved so much but as a small child they seemed almost magical and I was sure if I looked for long enough I could see them moving.

I loved all the competitions and was always entered into the fancy dress. I never won but just being there was enough for me.

My favourite memory of the Clacton camp was at night when the reception was brightly lit and the Crazy horse saloon sign was hitting itself on the head with his hammer. That might seem like a funny thing for a favourite childhood memory but I loved the lights and that crazy old sign.

How I wish that place was still there now."

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