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Beverly Rogers Remembers Working at Clacton Between 1968 & 1978 Back

"I worked as supervisor in the Blinking Owl Bar at Clacton on sea in 1968. Then in 1977 and 1978 for the full seasons, but inbetween '68 and '78 worked at Clacton at Christmas and Easters. I loved every minute of it. Looking back it was the best time of my life, and even though I am now a pensioner and happily married, when I look at all the old memorabilia of Clacton, a lump comes to my throat, tears not far away!

I remember in detail every part of the camp, the staff who were there (and yes I can't remember what I did yesterday) I used to love spending Christmas at Clacton, trimming the bar up etc, it was such hard work but so fun.

I had a single chalet on U block (posh at the time) but it was very very basic, and remember on Saturdays when it was change over time, all the campers had gone and the new ones had not arrived, we used to go into the chalets (all the doors were open) and 'borrow' chairs, rugs and anything else to make our chalets more homely!

The staff food was awful, and I remember one time there was a bread shortatge and we were issued with one slice each with our dinners.

It was like being in a little world of your own, no tv, didn't listen to the news, we were just safe and sound with not a care in the world.... oh yes I'd do it all again."

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