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Memories of Bognor Regis Funfair by Andrew Buckley Back

I remember going to Bognor especially when I was around 8 years old. This would be around 1966. The place I wanted to spend most of my time was either the snooker hall (though I was too short at that age to reach so I watched) or the funfair.

The Big Wheel was my favourite and was positioned up against one of the buildings. There was a Waltzer and of course the Mickey Mouse (I think it was called) which was the rollercoaster. I still recall the excitement as we walked up to the railings, through the gap and stepped up to the chair, as the operator would stand on the foot rest to rock it forward. Then, the bar would be locked in front and we were off. As we went backwards past the pulleys and belts I was fascinated by the way the steel rope pulled us round trapped by hooks around the outside. Soon, after a few starts and stops (due to other people being let on of course) we continued round, up backwards, over the top and down leaving my stomach somewhere above me each time. I have, I must say never experienced such good rides on Big Wheels ever since. I think it is the speed at which we rotated. I had this habit as a boy of clutching my hands with excitement and my Father said I nearly on one occasion slid down the seat and under the bar!

Fantastic. It was a good way to meet people too, when my parents got so fed up of going on with me, they let me go on with other (older) kids (and girls) as I remember. I was (and I suppose I still am) an only child!

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