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  • (Recovered from old forum #5910) - Wall Park

    26-06-06, 05:57 PM

    im looking at going to Wall park and wondered if its actually any good as ive not seen much mentions of it when ive searched the forum and in the which park is best topic its not got any votes is this a bad sign lol.

    I was looking at going to torquay in a caravan but considering Wall park being in brixham and chance of some night time entertainment that could take kids into aswell.

    26-06-06, 06:07 PM

    Well I have never been to Wall Park but I have heard rumours that the chalets are dirty and it's not much cop. Like I say I have no proof though just from word of mouth.
    If you're going to be in that area then I wholeheartedly recommend the old Pontin's St Mary's Bay which is only down the road.
    Now called Riviera Bay it's a superb holiday park, have had many great holidays there.
    Check it out:

    26-06-06, 07:39 PM

    Thanks for the info ive added it too my holiday bookmarks now looks quite good from photos on there site and prices dont look too bad either.

    27-06-06, 08:28 PM

    No probs. I have been there 7 times in 2.5 years so I am a bit biased lol.
    But good to see an ex Pontin's camp doing so well and thriving under a great family management team. Hopefully I'll be there again in September.
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