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(Recovered from old forum #2604) - Definately Going To Revisited 2004

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  • (Recovered from old forum #2604) - Definately Going To Revisited 2004

    09-12-03, 09:13 AM

    I am moving the topic on "Definately Going in 2004" to this thread.

    If you are at least fairly sure you will be going could you please post a message here to say how certain it is.

    For example "I have booked time off work", or "I will go if I can afford it", or "I have actually made a booking with Butlins", etc

    That way we can all see how many of us are likely to be there.

    Unfortunately I have been unable to save enough money to go in April, and I will now be visiting UK in June hopefully (it's 90%certain).

    I am very dissappointed to not be able to go to "Butlins revisited" this year but I will visit Skeggy in June anyway.

    Looks like noone else from this site is going to Butlins revisited, which makes me feel a bit better. Maybe we could all get together in June? Anyone else up for a mini "back to butlins" break?

    10-12-03, 03:04 AM

    Will this work? I mean all the code? Oh well, I'll soon find out... anyway... I sent a message on Butlins Yesteryear tonight about taking the kids to Bognor over Christmas, and I had no trouble booking that over the net. But every possible combination on the Butlins Revisited break came up as not available!!! I REALLY WANT TO GO! I remember someone saying a month or so back on the old forum that they'd had trouble too. Anyone know what's going on, because I really want to go!!!! And if I can book it successfully at Bognor over Christmas, I might get a discount, know what I mean?[/list]

    27-05-05, 12:58 PM

    mum !

    27-05-05, 03:13 PM

    Yes? It's a bit late for Revisited this year - strange thread to bring back, Lozzy...