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(Recovered from old forum #2627) - Pwlleheli outdoor pool

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  • (Recovered from old forum #2627) - Pwlleheli outdoor pool

    13-12-03, 12:54 AM

    Anyone remember the old outdoor pool at Pwllheli?
    What fun I used to have there as a kid. I remember the big coloured floats in the water and the pistol guns and the waterfall where you got drenched, but could go right underneath and yet be dry then lol.
    I saw some pics of the old pool on a site recently, it's just being left to rot now.

    15-12-03, 07:47 PM


    22-01-04, 08:55 PM

    I have memories of the pool as a kid!! I went there for a day trip when i was 11 with a coach load of people from our street. It was 1977 and siler jubillee year. We'd had a street party and raise funds, and with the money left, went to Butlins for the day!!
    I remember the 1st thing we saw when we pulled into the coach park was the pool, full of people having great time!!! I couldn't swim and didn't like going in the water so hadn't taken my cossie, but most of the others had, so later in the day, not wanting to miss out on the fun i ventured in in my t shirt and knickers!!!! It was a great day, the fun fair was always my favourite bit at that age, but its a lovely memory of the day, larking about with kids from the street who i hardly even knew really...good fun!!
    I holiday at Pwllheli Haven with my own family now, the out door pool is deralict, which is sad...those ugly old fountains are like gousts to me..i find it quite sad to think how much fun people had there and now its a reck!!! There is no other outdoor pool at the camp...I suppose it must be down to the great British weather, makes it unviable!!!

    23-01-04, 10:36 AM

    I also have fond memories of the outdoor pool from 1988 when I worked there, on our very last night of the holiday(i mean work season) a lot of staff spent a good couple of hours in that pool some fully clothed others with not much on, I didnt realise at the time I had a weeks money in my pockets, the next morning when I woke up I had to peg all my money across the washing line in my room to dry out.

    I also holiday there now with my own children and agree the pool is awful, they told me some time ago that the pool had a structural fault which is why it was closed.

    I don't remember but was it heated ???.


    23-01-04, 10:50 AM


    I really can't remember if it was heated, I don't think so, but it didn't seem to matter at the time!!
    Are you going there this year? We've book for June!!!

    23-01-04, 11:24 AM

    According to the map of 1971 0n LINK HERE it was heated but thinking back to my childhood memories, outdoor pools at any of the camps were far from warm.

    Have Fun !

    Alex J-UK

    25-01-04, 09:07 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by joker
    According to the map of 1971 0n LINK HERE it was heated but thinking back to my childhood memories, outdoor pools at any of the camps were far from warm.

    Have Fun !

    Alex J-UK
    The outdoor pool at Skeggy was freezing even in the height of August, still I have fond memories of splashing around in the fountains.

    Went to Pwhelli in July 1981 and the only thing floating in the pool were a load of fag packets.


    26-01-04, 05:32 AM

    Just to prove that I to went in the outdoor pool at Skegness. Having said that I don't look that wet (might have something to do with it being so cold)

    About 1977/78

    Have fun


    27-01-04, 08:16 PM

    I used to love sitting round the outdoor pool with a strawberry mivvi. sat onm one of them wooden loungers painted blue. Rememeber not to sit next to one of them oil drums that they painted up and used as bins though...they were a haven for wasps. Remember those wooden barrels with a parasol in them too?

    I am pretty sure all the outdoor pools were all heated, although you wouldnt know it at the time. I remember entering the swimming gala when i was about 10 and been shocked to the bone when i dived in for the first time.

    26-02-05, 03:37 AM

    I went to Pwllheli in 1981, aged 10 and my memory of the outdoor pool is that is was absolutely FREEZING!
    My parents decided to leave me there (minus a towel or any other clothing) whilst they went off to play crazy golf. I was not a very good swimmer then, and so kept out of the deep (middle) section. But the children's section was not deep enough to do anything more than paddle in, so I couldn't even practice my swimming to keep warm.
    When my parents came back my lips had actually turned blue with cold, and it was the end of August!‚Äč