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(Recovered from old forum #2607) - Pwhelli Butlins Video

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  • (Recovered from old forum #2607) - Pwhelli Butlins Video

    09-12-03, 09:55 AM

    (Originally posted by...Paul_Beesley)
    Guys and Gals,
    I bought a copy of the Pwhelli Butlins video from ebay recently, for those of you who arent aware it features the following.

    1. Butlins adverts dating back a long time with a really cheesy tune, a few pictures of the camp incl, the indoor pool, train, fairground etc..

    2. A few shots of the fairground 1997 (i think) the boomerang is included.

    3. The farewell talk on stage by the resort director and redcoats.

    4. The redcoats performing the last show/dance which is them all singing "the stars of tomorrow"

    5. a few candid shots of the camp.

    6. The song Billy the bear performed by the redcoats and billy.

    7. The visit by the queen.

    8 A Nice tribute to Billy at the end.

    The candid video of the camp is very ameteur and thats saying alot coming from me.

    the rest of the video plays ok, its not a perfect copy but it good enough to watch. Dont expect dolby digital in other words.

    I am prepared to do copies of this to anyone who is interested, I can only copy them to DVD-R as my video recorder will only play and im too tight to buy another.

    Im not looking to make a business out of this but as we are all enthusiasts I dont see the point of keeping it to myself and it will help towards the costs which was ?52.00 plus P and P

    Does ?5 each sound like a fair price and I will cover P and P if anyone if interested.

    A few people have already emailed me about this, if you still want a copy get in touch, I havent forgot about you I have had some email problems and cant find your address anywhere.


    13-12-03, 12:58 AM

    Nice one mate. I may take you up on your offer soon.
    What year did Pwllheli close as Butlins?

    15-12-03, 07:46 PM

    sounds like a great idea but no thank you i never visited that butlins so the video does not intrest me

    27-12-03, 03:11 PM

    Cjm apologies for the late response I havent been around for a while the camp closed at the end of the 1997 season

    28-12-03, 01:51 PM

    Did the camp not close at the end of the 1998 season, thats when Ayr closed and opened as Haven in 1999.

    28-12-03, 11:52 PM

    I think that it was 1998 when Pwhelli closed we stayed there in October that year two weeks before it closed and they were knocking buildings down then.
    We went to Spring Harvest at Pwhelli in April 1999, which was just as Haven were getting going. You wouldn't believe what could happen to a place in six months.
    While we were there there was a power cut as one of the electricians working on site cut through a main cable! This was at dinner time and there was no power till nearly 8 o'clock that night.

    29-12-03, 04:59 PM

    I agree then 1998, was the decision made in 1997 to close Pwllheli and Ayr, I seem to have 97 on my mind somewhere and for some reason, oh well.

    Sniltub must have been strange staying somewhere that is gradually getting knocked down all around you.


    30-12-03, 12:10 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Beesley
    I agree then 1998, was the decision made in 1997 to close Pwllheli and Ayr, I seem to have 97 on my mind somewhere and for some reason, oh well.

    Sniltub must have been strange staying somewhere that is gradually getting knocked down all around you.

    Strange yes, and sad. It was the flats on Red Camp near to the lake that they were demolishing. It was really sad as I remember them building these in the early 70's and stayed in them many times.
    Some friends of ours were at Pwhelli in the week it closed and they said it was terrible, stuff being looted etc. The police were brought in at one stage.
    However I have many happy memories of Pwhelli from my first visit in 1965 as a teenager with my mates, right through going with my girlfriend when we were courting, to going with my wife and two children, and then in 1998 with my wife and eldest daughter and her boyfriend!
    My most recent visit to Butlins was Skegness in April this year, with my wife, my eldest daughter and her husband, and our grandaughter who was 3 in September.
    How time flies, I feel really old now.

    30-12-03, 02:48 PM
    Paul_Beesley Guest

    You'll have to help me out a bit here..

    Im trying to visualise where the red camp accomodation was, when I worked there im sure I stayed in red camp (I can still remember the room no SX 109), that was back in 1988 but they were damaged quite badly in a storm the year after that.

    to get to my accomodation you had to walk past the windsor at the side of the lake and follow the footpath, past the snooker rooms and fairground, the block I was in was the middle one from memory.

    I'll always remember the tunnel under the train track im sure its still there today however the staff area now has a gate on it.

    I still visit Butlins Minehead a couple of times a year, but we also holiday at Hafan Y mor, the kids love it. It saddens me though when I see the state of some of the attractions these days - the outdoor pool is my particular gripe at the moment


    31-12-03, 09:11 PM

    Hi Paul
    Yes that is what was the Red Camp. All of the area on the sea side of the railway was Red Camp.
    If you stood on the road outside the camp looking towards the camp:
    To your left was Blue Camp, the centre part was Yellow Camp and to your right was Green camp, then as I said over the bridge (or under the tunnel) to Red Camp.
    Happy Days.
    The flats that were built in the 70's were behind the Regency Bar/Ballroom and the Windsor building. There were some original style chalets immediatley behind the Regency and Windsor buildings but the new flats where built on the land near the lake (not the boating lake) on which you used to be able to water ski, but the water skiing only lasted a couple of years, Probably too expensive!‚Äč