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  • (Recovered from old forum #8407) - Can We Help?

    08-06-08, 07:37 AM

    Here in Australia there is a popular TV show called "Can We Help?" (not sure if it is based on a similar one in UK or not, but they usually are!).

    Anyway the concept is very simple, people write / email the show with random questions about pretty much anything, that they've always wanted to know the answer to, and the show provides the answer on air.

    Thought I would start a Butlins related version here where you can post your question, however inane, stupid, pointless, silly, obvious or intelligent it might be, and hopefully someone will be able to provide the definitive answer to it!

    Please number your question so that whoever answers it will be able to refer to that number and it will be clear which question is being answered.

    Q1. This is a question for anyone who was familiar with the layout of Minehead camp before the Beachcomber building was demolished and Blue Skies was built.

    The photo below shows a bit of fencing and what must be one half of what was once a set of double gates. This is at Minehead at the front of the Princes building on the side that now faces Blue Skies apartments.

    I can tell this fencing and the gate is original as it is in the old standard Butlins fence design (as is the fencing at the front of the camp).

    My question is, why is there a gate there, and what did these (presumably double) gates once lead to that needed to be kept locked?
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