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(Recovered from old forum #838) - Skeggy 80s weekend grumbles

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  • (Recovered from old forum #838) - Skeggy 80s weekend grumbles

    15-10-08, 08:39 PM

    I hate to take away from all the happy memories about the weekend on the other thread but there are a few things about this weekend which I was really not impressed by.

    The bar service, especially on the Friday night was appalling. Kath waited half an hour for a drink in Centre Stage and about forty five minutes for one in Reds. She came back in a grumpy mood, something which you should never experience on these weekends.

    We stayed until late on the Monday and noticed that they had about the same number of bar staff on Monday night for a family break as they had over the weekend for the adult break. The venues were also notably cooler on the Monday. It's one thing to make the venues deliberately hot to sell more drinks but another thing when you can't even buy those drinks!

    This compares to past weekends at Bognor and Minehead where we've had no trouble getting drinks and even been impressed by the Bognor bar staff who have served people in the correct order!

    Another complaint was children! We saw them wandering around the camp and in Splash all weekend! Again, this is something which we've never seen at Bognor or Minehead. Indeed, at Minehead they were making a big thing of there being no kids. Adult weekend should mean adult weekend and they shouldn't be allowed on camp, it's not a suitable environment for them and it's not good for the adults to see kids running around either.

    On the Sunday night in Centre Stage, the Queen tribute act did a great job of warming the crowd up but, bizzarly, they then turned up the house lights and ruined the atmosphere until the next act came on and the crowd came alive again. I've seen in Bognor last November how this should be done properly - when the Queen tribute act finished there the dj picked up on the mood and kept the whole place jumping!