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Thanks to Andy Parsons, Will Hadcroft & Nigel Wren for providing the information used on these pages

The Push Button Click The Pushbutton Click was a gang of characters, created especially for Butlin's who would star in their own hour long shows to entertain the Beaver Club members. They made appearances between 1982 & 1987 at Minehead, Skegness, Barry Island, Ayr & Pwllheli with The Funnybone Gang appearing at the other camps.

The lead character was Push Button Pete who was a young man cast in a similar 'cool' image to Fonzie from the popular Television sit-com Happy Days. As such Pete could usually be seen wearing dark sunglasses, with his hair slicked back and either a metallic, or leather jacket to complete the image. Pete was joined by other characters including Video Vera, IQ & Keelan. Video Vera was a female robot (although actually made from very basic materials such as milk cartons, springs and cardboard tubes, painted silver with an actor backstage providing the voice) who had the power to magically transport the cast, along with the audience of children in the theatre, to another time and place whereas IQ was an ironically named male character who actually wasn't particularly intelligent at all, and thereby provided many of the most humorous moments in Push Button Click shows.

Storylines were always quite simple, being aimed at young children. They always involved the whole cast of Push Button Click first appearing on stage and singing their signature song, which the children in the audience were encouraged to join in with. Then, the characters would discuss with each other where they should go, as they had the ability, thanks to their time-travel robot Video Vera, to go to any time or place. Once this was decided, Video Vera would be brought on stage, and with the aid of strobe lights, organ music and using the line, "hold onto your hats, 'cos here we go!" a background set would be revealed on stage, and the audience was asked to believe they had been transported to another place, and sometimes another time.

The story would then proceed along fairly predictable lines, following closely the expected plot. For example, the "Sinbad the Sailor" show borrowed heavily from this classic childrens story, but in simplified form to save time. Elements of humour were added through the interaction between Push Button Click characters, especially IQ who was a simple minded, but likeable young lad who could never quite get things right. Other show titles included "Happy Daze" (which was based on the popular American sit-com, "Happy Days", with Push Button Pete playing Fonzie), Babes in the wood, The further adventures of Sinbad the Sailor, The top of the pops show, Mystery at Dunromin castle, Chicago shoot-out, Mother Goose, Mystery by gaslight & "The Grand Farewell Show" which would take place on Fridays.

Most children in the audience were unaccompanied whilst their parents were in another venue on camp enjoying more adult orientated entertainment and the children were therefore told, "Remember, if you're being met here, stay here, and don't move until the lights come on!" at the end of each evening's performance.

Over the 6 years that Push Button Click operated, several songs were written and performed by the cast on stage, and some were also produced as vinyl records which the children in the audience could buy after the show. The most commonly performed song was simply titled "Push Button Click". Others included "The Name's Push", "Who's your best mate?", and "P.U.S.H.". Aswell as the records, other merchandise included t-shirts & a small white pin-badge.

If you have any further information or images of the Push Button Click then please e-mail contact@butlins-memories.com

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