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Escape From Butlitz by Steve Cartwright Back

The account given by Stephen Eblet of his youth at Butlins Filey is very like my own. My father being the camps accountant got me a yearly pass to the camp, 10am to 10pm, which was great in the school summer holidays.

On Saturdays I also worked as a barrow boy earning vast amounts of loose change; but during the week I visited the camp for some fun.

On one particular night I overstayed my welcome by about 4 hours, can't remember why? I must have fallen asleep or something. Anyway. I decided to sneak out through one of the holes in the fence used by the Filey lads to get in.

As I scrambled my way through the bushes and the barbed wire trying to find my exit a torch beam suddenly lit my path. It was two security guards. They took great delight in grabbed me and escorting me to the North Gate building, there they found out who I was, had a good laugh, and kicked me off the camp.

The next day my dad got to find out about what had happened and on returning home from work gave me a real rollicking.

So there. I must be the only person caught and reprimanded for trying to get out of Butlins.

There are many stories I could tell you, my favorite being that of Charlie the elephant, but they'll have to wait.

Great site for bringing back old memories.

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