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Bognor Reception Building Demolition 2007 Back

Butlins Memories Forum member "wearecity" recalls some of his memories of the reception building and other areas which are destined to go

What I can remember of the inside were loads of desks, with tons of keys on boards behind them and long queues building up from about 2pm for check in at 4.

Also a customer services small window and counter, with rail enquires, Natwest Bank and postal services also represented, during the week.

My mum always use to go into their after the bingo to ring home as it was the quietest place to go to make a call. I remember banks of phones, with privacy hoods (a bit like a hairdryer in a hair salon), also they had polysterne type boards with little hole in them.

Later I remember a quikchips machine which was disgusting and a pool table being available. There was also several fruit machines in place during the 90's.

I don't remember the building really being used by people after checking in that much, unless you want to cash a cheque, complain or enquire about trains home. I don't think many people even remembered there were phones in their.

I think when this building goes and the sportsfield, that will be the end of the traditional character look at Bognor. It will also mean the front half of the camp will be completely different to the 70's. Thankfully either side of the skyline at the back part of the camp, still resembles the layout of the 70's (I.E from Indoor Pool to Blue camp would be the same walk just with the skyline in the middle).

When I went back to Bognor in 2005, I was still expecting the check in to be in this building as it was the last time I went before, which was the year before the Skyline was built. I was disappointed to basically see that the building wasn't being used as I want to take a look and I guess smell (lol) inside.

I'm not a new Butlins hater (Adult weekenders are brilliant), but it was nice to still see a bit of tradition left.

The outdoor pool of course has changed dramitically as it used to be the same as the other Butlins outdoor pools with the fountains etc...I never really used the pool much before or even after it became a fun pool as we always went slightly off season and when the weather was so so.

As for the sportsfield well not really a lot to say, it was just a field in the 70's and 80's used for sports (unsurprisingly) and of course the Donkey Derby. Then it gradually had small areas to play football and other games, during the late 80's before finally getting all the current style of stuff in the 90's.

Well I guess I'm unlikely to see the building ever again as I probably won't be going until late next year, really glad I took the pics I did.

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